Monday, September 6, 2010

25 Hearts And Stripes- What a surprise!

Well call me amazed!
Not because I finished off the 25 hearts that were my goal yesterday and completed the stripes that run along beside them.
No .... When I stepped back from the rug I noticed and was delighted to see the overall effect of these and I was pleased. Formally I felt I may have made a difficult colour choice with them.
Behold they were good, not better, not best, but good.
They've provided impetus to carry on to finish and also gave a good direction for redirection in the centre, I need something darker in there. They gave a good strong message I want to carry on in my Do the don'ts section!

I think I might be interested enough to finish this rug. So far so good, and it is only the 6th. Aren't fresh starts darling?

Tonight on the Welcome Mat I asked the question posed by Patricia on The Playday Group:
What is the strangest thing you've ever hooked?
I was reminded of a swap I started on good old Padula years ago when I was sheriff.
It was called the butt rug swap (aka chair pads)
Here is my contribution, and you know I can't remember who has it even though I ran that swap! If you know who has it, let me know!

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