Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What The Scot Dragged In

Rock On!
The grand heart is home!


  1. You did it!!!!! YEA!!!!!! JAK

  2. Your back breaker is a heart breaker!! Bless the man that bore that stone! And you have others!! You are truly blessed! Cathy G

  3. you might want to look at a book called Focus:Love by Lark books I have only seen it in a magazine advertisement It is the first book in a series called Focus where photographers hone in on taking pictures of hearts It is available on Have a good day!! Linda



  5. Hurray! Now home is really where the heart is.

    Aren't you gonna tell us how you got it home, por favor?

  6. Ok!
    Here is how we got it home.
    Man backed the Forester down the hill, humped that rock onto his back and carted it out Dickensian beggar style on his shoulder and then slid it into the back and off we drove. I didn't lift a finger except to point when I saw it. We had to look for a bit but the blog post the day before helped me get positioned properly in the right general area.
    It was hard walking across those piles of ice tumbled shore rocks too.
    Thanks for asking babe!

  7. Thanks for the story. Ain't it nice to have those brawny he-man types around to carry boulders for you, etc? Now, which is more wonderful, the stone for its heartliness, or, that now Man can tell the tale of how he drug it up the perilous rocky shore to home!