Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just when you thought you knew it all

I was interested in the "surprising" colour choices in this rug! It is from Dargate Auction Houses archive.
What do you think?
My friend Jean posted a great site on her page in The Welcome Mat.
It lead me to another part of it, novelty rugs from 1920 to 1990
Have a look.


  1. I see teal and pink / peach, navy, cream, orange, cherry red, fawn, and gold and maybe others that I've missed. Striking! Curious, Wanda, what is surprising to you about these colours? I'm likely missing something.
    Novelty rugs, someone's been doing their research. Very interesting! JAK

  2. JAK
    What surprises me is when we want to imitate these rugs as hooking we are traditionally so rigid in what colour choices are allowed. It just is fun to see the real deal breaking those boundaries!

  3. aaaaah, I see, Wanda. Thanks for clarifying.
    Nice to see boundaries being broken :) JAK