Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Design- You can do it !

Hydrangeas using spotty, and funky based swatches

Good Design - You can do it!

The WandaWay Studio, Wanda’s online teaching studio, is pleased to announce a new class starting May 24, 2010. (note: this classroom is not on The Welcome Mat, all classes there are free to subscribers and there are lots of them!!)

This class is crafted to help those of you who are interested in designing your rugs or even making sure you know a good design when you see one to buy it. It does include the role a good colour plan plays. This class will save you oodles of trouble and give you confidence to do whatever you dream of.

This class consists of three lessons presented every 2 weeks for a six week span @ $25 each for a total of $75.

The Lines

The Colour

Bringing it to Fruition

There will be plenty of time to complete your homework assignments and there will be a tremendous amount of interaction between you and your teacher as well as between students. Videos, podcasts and slideshows as well as written material and visual aids will be provided to enhance your studying. We would love to have you join us.

If you are interested in this class and wish to sign up press this paypal button in US dollars below for instant payment. If this denomination doesn’t suit you or you are interested but don’t use paypal write to send a check.

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