Friday, May 30, 2008

What About The Recipe

For a brief period when I started to dye I kept recipes and used recipes or formulas if you'd rather, when I dyed.
For two reasons I no longer do this with the exception of my articles in RHM where I am meticulous ( I grew new brain cells for that )

#1 I'm not an accurate person and it was too painstaking to record what I did as I got involved in the act of creating
#2 I don't like doing anything twice.

There is a wonderful freeing sensation letting your mind flow to what might be done as you dye. Following your instincts can be very rewarding.

I noted as I held an audience directed dye class I consistently wanted to take the dyeing one step further by adding yet another colour than almost every else there. I would rip the fabric in half and dye one and save the other as a before for comparison.I had a feeling I could enrich the whole thing by one simple addition.

This was because I was willing to take the risk. Next time you dye try just doing one uncomfortable thing, see what happens.

I also only take a set of 14 dyes with me when I travel.
I love the constriction of the limited palette to draw from and what I can invent with them I might not have thought of before.

I hope you will try something you haven't though to do before, there are no guarentees in dyeing as you might have noticed using formula books and samples and my articles. Just loosen up and let it go.
Know what your dyes look like in your home by dyeing samples of each then just bust it loose.

Just once.
For me and for you

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