Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How'd you do that ?

This question came to me via the welcome mat and I thought that you guys might be interested in reading it. I always appreciate questions and welcome them any time.

Wanda said on her blog:
For a brief period when I started to dye I kept recipes and used recipes or formulas if you'd rather, when I dyed.....I no longer do this with the exception of my articles in RHM, where I am meticulous.

Jo's Question:
Wanda, how are you able to supply buyers with your great wools, if you don't dye by recipes for replication? What am I missing here? Really Really Curious!

My answer:
Well, when I'm selling wool and need to replicate, I depend on three things. First, MY EYES, combined with the knowledge of my dyes and what they do. Second, BLENDING: combining many variations on the same value to be used as one colour. And third, I depend on customers BUYING enough the first time ! (My daily prayer.)

That was a great question!

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