Monday, November 23, 2015

Open House/ Make Something Every day

Traditionally in the month of November I like to ignore it or kick it's ass with some creativity. This is even a class you can take as part of your Welcome Mat subscription fee. It's worth $36 just to get through November or any dark time in your creative life.

Traditionally in the month of December I try to make something every day.
I need to make things.
Like I need to breathe.

This practice helps while away the dismal days of Northern Hemisphere living in early winter.
All the Vitamin D in the world cannot substitute for making.

Last year I was awfully involved in recovery, every move I made was clumsy and The Majic Carpet Dye Company needed constant tending. So I had a pass on Make Something Every Day for 2014.

Brainstorms were apparently drifting elsewhere this fall.
And I had a deep lack of clever precipitation.

On Saturday night the heavens opened up with big fat flakes of snow.
And with it came some big fat ideas. I hope they don't turn out to be flakey.

I plan to hook something every day in December, not something in totality, but parts of things which I may finish by Dec 31 or may not. I welcome your company as you try to hook every day.

Hooking can take a back seat in the flurry of activity that is this three ring circus I conduct.
This Hook Something Every Day will get me back to my frame.
I'm getting excited about my 2016 Exploratorium classes and will turn my hand as well as my mind to these colourful looks at the very close up or far away.

Now down in my splendid studio I'm having an Open House.

Wool, Batts and silk scarves

Why don't you stop by on Saturday, December 12? You can come between 10 until 2, I hope this is the first of many. You can see what I'm up to and get inspired wool for clever hooking, batts and interesting inclusions for spinning, hand dyed gorgeous yarns for the knitting, Majic Carpet Dyes and beautiful Wandawear items and you can also just sit and visit. Write me to subscribe to my newsletter list to be informed on all upcoming WandaWorks opportunities.

Spinning sparkle and Majic Carpet Dyes

I'll see you as I account for my hooking each day here.
With pictures and pithy reports of eureka moments and dismalities.
Yes I made that word up right this minute. 
Seems accurate.

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