Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Got Style?

This is our Tuesday Tip from The Welcome Mat today.

Got Style?

Want to have a recognizable style unique to you?
When you throw down your hooked rug we will all know it's yours immediately.
This is easier to achieve than you think.

It takes action:
Sit down at your frame every day, show up.
Hook just as you please. No apologies for your winsome ways.
Do small studies and sketches.
Critique each day. Is it as beautiful as you imagined?
Correct it
After about a month of two of this steady work you will see some important movement towards your style.
You will also have gorgeous studies you can develop into larger works whenever you like.
Things you probably shouldn't do during this period:
take your work to be gazed upon and commented on by other hookers unless you are thick skinned
ask for a critique
take hooking classes
use somebody else's pattern
look a lot at others rugs, it doesn't matter what they've made.
Things you can do during this period:
Observe closely that which you think about with pleasure and kindles your heart
Take in inspirational things that create vivid spark in your soul
Have plenty of experiences and love flowing in and out
Free yourself from your beliefs that impede what you want, cut ties, burn bridges, stand erect and alone if you must
Go towards the people and places that support you
Have kindness and acceptance for the style in you and how it emerges
Remind yourself of your incredible potential every 1/4 of the day - Morning, Noon, Evening, Night
Have perseverance, even the ugliest of things we make work towards our beautiful
Accept, respond lovingly, continue to work EVERY DAY
What will be possible?
Terrifyingly exciting isn't it?
But oh so welcome.
What do you think? Yay or nay?

Sometimes these Tuesday tips are practical; how to finish a round hooked object say or deep thinking, why do we make the same things or mistakes over and over or quirky but they are just one of our daily informational, inspirational and interesting columns on The Welcome Mat. Join us today right here!

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