Monday, December 1, 2014

Don't Make A Thing Girl!

Traditionally this is the time I start my "Make a Thing A Day" for the month of December.
This year I don't want to.
It's as plain as that.
Instead I'm getting ready for our International Hooking Day celebration on December 4th and I'm doing my favorite job:

I have this effect on all the men!

I'm also getting my home studio back in shape for my bevy of rug hooking beauties to return. Thank goodness I have my Miss Watson to help me!

We will be posting though in December.... don't you wonder what we will be showing you?
Stay tuned.
Oh... are you looking for dyeing info?
Away you go.... straight to The Majic Carpet Club or look at our boon for this week in The WandaWay Studio


  1. Such a precious baby! Been a long time since a little was in our family.
    Just to let you know------tried to follow your Pinterest------takes me to a clothes site.

  2. Hi Marie,
    We love our babies!
    My Pinterest button worked for me in my browser..... I do have more clothes pins than any other kind!!!!!
    I wonder what's up.

  3. Look how cozy and happy the two of you are!

  4. You look so happy! The little one is cuddling so close as he sleeps.

  5. What a beautiful, glowing picture of you...and the baby, of course!
    jill in Ontario