Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Beautiful Greens for The Season

It looks like it might be a green Christmas here!
My friends that's better than a blue one!

Here's are some true greens using Majic Carpet Dyes.
Notice the top one looks a little more yellow and the bottom one looks a little bluer.
This is because we are comparing them to each other. 
They are the same value and will blend nicely.
These are great for landscapes.
Formulas have been mixed together with boiling water, poured in a dye bath over a wet 1/8th yd natural wool. Heat was added, then citric acid or vinegar after about 10 minutes or so. Wait until water clears. Rinse well, dry in dryer or hang to dry. 
To increase to a larger amount of wool go here for my handy chart.

2/32 tsp. Moss Green 
1/32 tsp Turquoise 

1/32 tsp. Bottle Green  
1/32 tsp. Brilliant
1/32 tsp. Moss Green 
1/64 tsp. Seal Brown -it was rather heaping.

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