Monday, December 2, 2013

Make Something Every Day - Sweater Remake

Here on Mondays and sometimes on Tuesdays it is a sewing day.
I found a very shriven Barney's of New York cashmere sweater on the weekend, paid my dollar and took it home.
It was a women's size medium felted down to a size 18 months with very long sleeves. I feel it is a sweater with a back story.... this mishap might have ended a relationship along the line.
I was tempted to hook with it... so soft.

But Aimee is just that size but with a completely normal arm length. So there was nothing for it but I make her a cashmere sweater coat.

I cut in the sides, left the bottom belled, cut off the sleeves and removed half the length of them, serged it up, cover stitched the seams so the chain was on the outside and made a hat of the leavings.

I think I just might put a little fall of darker grey hearts on the sweater front.
It is the cutest little thing Barney's has ever put a label to.

I lightened this one so you can see the detail better.

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