Saturday, December 7, 2013

Made Something 2 days in a row

For the past few days I've had to make a choice - post what I made or make.
I'm always going to choose make.
Friday was a low day... low I say.
I laid low, my expectations were low and I was low down tired.

I did a couple of yds of spinning with all sorts of gray, roving and as is fleece and dyed fleece.
And then I spun it back on itself.
I'm using it for trim for our Ornament Day at WandaWorks later this week.

Today I worked up a pair of FrankenTrousers.
I've vowed to try to not buy any new clothes,  trying to make them from new cloth or restructure already made clothes or use already made clothes for cloth to make clothes .... seems confusing! I assure you it isn't. It is fun as hell.

Last Sunday for $20 I got 19 items of clothing to redo.
A few weeks ago I got several things from The Village, great things.
One idea I had..
Well before I start with that I'm going to tell you flat out I'm not a body type that excels in pant wearing. I would say I can't even get a passing grade.
Even though I don't look my best in them I do need them sometimes.
I have had very disappointing attempts at every weight I've been during my adult life buying them.
They never feel good. Too tight at the thigh, too loose by inches and inches at the waist.
It feels terrible.
Now that I'm back sewing I have pants that fit. That said they don't always look great. Pants are notorious for being difficult to fit and there are experts who will make you a pattern just suited to your body. It is also dead hard to fit yourself.

The idea I had was to take two pants and unite them into one pair that fit. I tried that out today. The two pants that I bought to join, one of them fit me pretty well so I used fabric I had to create the inset I needed.

 I got back.

I didn't style myself or my area before I snapped these selfies either!

I have the FrankenTrousers on right now and I tell you, they feel terrific.

To make them I opened up the side seam, crafted an insert with a waist band, and a fancy inset at the ankle, put that in and adjusted the waist. Got them hemmed up and put them on, LOL about my hair, never bothered with it today.
 Could be worse.

I betcha that bitch's pant fit!


  1. Omg them Franken trousers are just the ticket... They look marvelous. You can make your own pants like a bird can build their own best. Rock Star!

  2. Instead of Frankinscence I have Frankenpants. Thank you!