Monday, January 14, 2013

Wha happon?

For many days I could not sit down.
This means no hooking, computing or other obvious pursuits. My lap dancing career "sob" was over.

Now on the mend I'm back to the land of the sitting.
My poor old Circle of Life rug is on paper and nothing more, though I tried, I do not like to hook standing up. I have to twist my shoulder down a little too much for comfort.
Hooking Should NOT HURT!!!!

Man created a rather maestro-ish apparatus for me to stand up at and type. This meant The Mat did not suffer from a lack of news or views.

We had a plethora of colours to dye from this Gauguin painting, Village in The Snow.

This week we will look at what to do with this interesting fabric and dyes!

We studied hard edges in New Skills and tonight on Turn Back Tuesday, when I share stuff I've written for live classes I've given, I posted an 8 page primer on primitives.

In Colours to Dye for Amplified this weekend we are publishing the Lasagna method of dyeing many layers for large areas quickly and without mess.

Oh and from the Main Page this very good reminder

Like right now!


  1. I love the saying in the box ~ good advice!! Did you break something? Or just bruise it?

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  3. Alice , I have piriformis syndrome, it is starting to get better now.
    Thank you for asking!
    That poster is pure gold!