Thursday, January 3, 2013

Make Something Everyday 31

A little late to the party isn't it?
Consumed by The Welcome Mat annual January Journal project I was lax in keeping up.
Here is the Front Page blurb about it.

A January Journal Project 2013
"The Circle of Life"
Every day circles come into our life in the mail, through snow or rain my goodness just take a look tomorrow - how many circles you will see.
During this journal we will recording their daily arrival and circumstances in a simple way.
Using the circle to explore this calendar month we can expand and reveal as much or as little as we wish. We can write our own "life's circle"
The skills needed: ability to circle and hook.
 There is so much to discover in our circle of life, go here for some interesting inspirations I've gathered.
CLICK HERE TO JOIN US or accept my invitation you have in your email.

There are many of us doing fantastic circling this month and we would love to have you join us. There is much to observe about artistic process even if you don't take part, we love watchers too!
This enriching experience is worth the $30 yearly subscription with out taking into consideration all the other things available and freshly produced specifically for Mat members.
The inspiration board is very diverse, you might enjoy it.

Here is my first circle of hell:

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