Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's Up January Journal?

I was so busy last week I was unable to hook on my Journal, so I drew on the motifs I needed including a big pile of steaming ----. What a week!

I'm finding spinning and hooking a happy mix.
Needing snow for my Journal I spun up flax ,wool and casserole dyed silk for one batch of snow and I also wanted some sparkly snow so I combined flax ( mine is ULTRA white) , wool and a multicoloured sparkly thread which I used chopped up and drafted in as a run along thread as well. The other wools are waiting to become ---- and lovely violet sky with a moon.

I also found a use for most of my beginner spinning from the first week of learning.
Somebody's gonna get teased I think.
It is both fascinating to look and at and revolting at the same time, the hat I mean, not the model!

1 comment:

  1. Wanda I think your model is super cute! Bravo for modeling with the cool shades!
    I think your journal rug is fabulous along with all your spinning! You are my all time favorite mentor and creator! Thank-you for all you do Wanda!
    Love YOu!
    Cathy G