Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh what fun it is!

Here is my new toy, it just arrived tonight and I think I'm already in love.

Patrick Green Big Batt Drum Carder
The strange and ugly First Batt
The surprisingly beautiful yarn it made.


  1. Oh Happy Day!
    That's one big drum! I've had a Beverly for many're really gonna love it!
    Great yarn...what kind of wheel do you have? Do recognize the bobbin.
    Happy New Year my friend ~Laurie

  2. Laurie!!!
    Ain't it grand and grande! Honey gave me the carder for Christmas! It is for feltmakers or spinners. So glad to know you spin too. What wooly lives we have.
    I have never spun until a week ago! I got an electric mini spinner by Hansen craft. This is the new think I'm learning this January, it is so calming and I'm filled with peace while I do it! I'm not even noticing I'm slowly being buried in snow!!!

  3. Wanda, I am so glad you got a Hansen e-spinner, I am two thirds of the way to affording one for myself. I am spinning on my suspended spindles, but absolutely lust after the Hansen. Doneal has been encouraging me to go for it. I love your yarns, and now you have a carder! Lucky and isn't it great that wool in all of it's forms has so much damn potential?? Congratulations, I'm jealous.

  4. Susan,
    The mini spinner takes up so little space, you will love it.
    Don't be jealous pet, be a visitor!!!
    I did not know how to spin until 10 days ago or so but I have lots of stuff from dry felting on hand to spin for several weeks. You know I love colour and it is blowing my mind to make Noroesque yarn with no knowledge or talent. I can't imagine what I'll make when I get accomplished. What a trip wool is! I find spinning to be wonderfully peaceful, zenfully so.

  5. Wanda,
    Are you still happy with your carder? I have been trying to decide which brand to go with. It's down to the Big Batt or the Strauch dble wide Finest. Any insight on the subject would be awesome.
    Thank you,

  6. Wanda,
    What type of fiber do you card? Is it already prepared or do you clean and card your own fleece? I am interested in any details you can tell me.
    Thank you,

  7. Dear JoAnn,
    4 months later I'm still very happy with my carder. I find I can do what I want to with it. It is very well made, it is clampless and the handle doesn't extend below it's platform so I can card on any flat surface, right now on my kitchen island.
    I welcome any question you might ask, and truthfully I've only ever seen one other so what do I know except I'm in love with Big Batt!

  8. JoAnn, I like to card prepared fiber. I'm too lazy.
    I like to use protein fibers.