Friday, October 29, 2010

The Welcome Mat's Free Pattern of The Month

Today I was out in the woods and I was inspired by grape leaves and raisin grapes on the vine. I decided to hunt up a round pattern I'd drawn for a class on using dip dyes/casserole dyes, wool that changes from one colour to another. It is now the October free pattern on the Mat. If you are interested in a the free patterns, 10 to date....and one each month ... join the Mat

I love the colour way on the note card! This might work for the pattern and didn't the some of Birdie marvelizing look like it might work?
Though my grapes were deep purple and withered, the leaves look the same.
It was snowing and raining and the sun was shining on our walk- well we had about all 4 seasons at once as we walked MoMo all over the place, well truthfully he ran.
I was too busy looking and being inspired. He is more of an olfactory guy.

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