Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dyeing With Lynne!

Yesterday was Lynne's big day. She came for her private class all the way from Calgary.
She learned to dye with pizazz and abandon and make some beautiful wool in the process.
It was the hottest of days especially to be dyeing, what a trooper she is!

Here we are getting rid of some unsightly white rash ( undyed parts of wool in a spot dye).
I use the electric frying pan to dab on an appropriate colour of dye with acid added to it and it fixes it almost immediately. In this case we used YELLOW! The magician of the dye cabinet!
My hands are going so fast they are a blur!! LOL!

Jeez Lueeeze I'm starting to feel like Oprah on the cover every single issue of her magazine.... when I look at my blog. Every photo... there I am!!!
I hope that will end soon for your sake.

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