Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Here is a job lot of beautiful eye candy from an auction hose, it's long been sold but I love the interplay of reds and neutrals! Could it be a rug colour plan?

My online class in the Wanda Way Studio, Design is back in the swing of things after a brief personal interruption and I'm glad to be working with lessons about designing. This is a fascinating subject and we are all surprised in class how quickly we are becoming better at something because we are practising. If we sat and thought about how we would try to do something or even get out the stuff we need to do it, it is not enough. We need to act, and act and act again. This is how we let something become heart knowledge, real understanding instead of head knowledge. Our bodies remember the skills we develop with an open mind.

To see some of what we are enjoying learning about go here John Lovett has lots of lessons we hookers might find beneficial. Next lesson I'm getting into the real meat of the heart of hooking for me! Colour. I can't wait. I can talk about colour and it's use all day long.
Robert Genn just sent a great letter on colour use and the work it takes to lay yourself an excellent foundation. And it does take practise again!
I'm starting to see a theme!

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance. (Samuel Johnson)

I recently got a tripod to take photos and movies for the Mat and my online lessons.
It is a great contraption and I love not worrying about a steady hand and the digital camera.
I'm well pleased, it even has a level and it was a great price from ebay, no shipping 29.95.
There is a handle that allows you to raise camera up slowly and steadily too. It is GOOD.

I was making my baking list for class next week and realized tho ugh I planned to bake, the humidity is too much to have the oven on. I hope tomorrow brings better baking weather.
I'm fixing honey oat biscotti, brownies, Mrs. Farmers Ginger Squares, lemon squares and my amazing chocolate chip cookies.
Thank goodness with all that bounty I have no appetite for sweets. I'm holding out for the most important sweet things to come into my life, the ones I've craved all my days and now don't want to do without another second.

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