Friday, February 5, 2010

Q & A ... Details, Details

Close up lots of detail on roof: Painting by Don Gray: Frosty Morning

Close up of subject, lots of dark and light details:

Farther away, not so much detail:
Both works by Tom Brown
Dear Wanda
I am hoping that you will be willing to offer me some advice on a pictorial
I am hooking. This design was taken from an old black and white photograph
of myself when I was 7 years old. This was my first pony and I have many
happy memories.
I am trying to make this as authentic as possible and am having trouble with
the roof. I remember it as an old green tar paper roof. Do you think I
should hook each tile individually? I know this will be painstaking but I am
determined. Should each tile be outlined and how can I do that so that the
lines don't jump out at me? Should the lines be drawn on the diagonal which
then would form diamond shapes. It is hard to tell from the old photograph.

I said:
You might be surprised you already answered your own question.
Your barn is in the background and although you know there are diamonds on the roof they are not evident in your photo.

"It is hard to tell from the old photograph."

Your photo is your key.
If they don't show, don't do them.
What ever you see there..... do.

I also noticed you left your face unhooked, are you worried about that too?
Once again everything we see in the photo( and everywhere) is made up of shapes of light, dark and medium.
Do we need to tell everything we know is there or should we just infer it?

Inferring it creates realism, trying to tell it all creates chaos.
Be a subtle story teller.

Let me know how is it going, or if you have any other questions.
Happy hooking , Wanda
May I use this question and answer anonymously to create a blog post ? I think your problem will help other see things differently also.

Their Reply:
Hi Wanda,
Thanks for your reply. My main concern was with trying to have the shingles
look individual and I'm not sure how to go about that. To outline each one
it would seem to me that that would make each one stand out too much. I'm
wondering if if might be a good idea to hook an area and then go back with a
piece of yarn or embroidery thread and just outline here and there. I guess
I need to experiment but thought you might have some ideas.
Ah yes, the face. I have started it several times and have taken it out. I
will go back to it. You are absolutely right - I only want to create an
illusion. Unfortunately, it seems like the simplest approach is often the
most difficult!
Yes of course you may use this example in a Q&A. Thank you for your time -
you have been very generous.

Are you sure you are not getting het up about shingles that don't really need to appear quite so delineated ?
Can you see each shingle in the photo? I bet there are lighter and darker patches to the roof. Be careful not to provide more distinction to the shingles than the distance of the perspective allows. The veiwer is quite some distance from the barn and don't forget you and Suzi are the focal points, deserving the most detail.
I would concentrate on shapes, instead of lines.
We hookers are a line loving bunch. AND we love to make everything WAY more complicated than we need too, we are all alike!!! Always having the same hang ups.

For your edification in all things artistic and rural, try going here There are some monumental works of great interest and learning for us.

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