Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I could not believe my eyes

My days have been full lately and it seems I must often make a choice, hook or blog. You can guess which one loses. I'm sorry but somethings are more important. AND I'd rather be telling you something than just blathering on and on for the sake of it.

Each morning I go skiing at 8 so my dear friend Patti can go and get back to work for 10.
Sometimes she sets a punishing pace, but it is good for me!!! Right ?
It was an extra early morning because it was blue box and garbage day and when we got home all I could think about was getting out of my wet clothes and getting one with momentum of the day.

I was stopped short by this:
My strips from my rug jumped the couch back and formed this message for me. Isn't it cute how they speak as one? This is the season of love..... how did they know? Perhaps our strips are more intelligent than we know.
A nice blend of prediction and surprise seem to be at the heart of the best art.
Wendy Carlos


  1. Cute Blog Wanda

    At first glance I thought someone wrote on your floor.

  2. You are TOOO ooooooo MUCH WANDA!!!
    I get a KICK out of YOU!!