Thursday, October 16, 2008

WHAT ? OCT 16TH ? Already ?

I'm surprised to find the month half over. Where did it go ? I would be happy to tell you I was productive but that's a lie.
Now I did many interesting things, but I didn't really make anything myself. I feel a lack from that.
I gave a class today in scrappy orientals, it was wonderful to see this old stand by in rug hooking look so powerfully and wonderfully different.

Last week I had a terrific group of dyers visit from Michigan for my Be Your Own Dyeing Guru workshop and we did many amazing things. I'm always gratified to see the leaps people can make when you show them the cliff is only half a foot high. It only looks scary.

I also just finished my column for Rug Hooking, it was also about scraps of wool and how to make them useful. Although this seems like careful planning on my part it was just happenstance. I know about two years ahead what I'll be writing about. I want to do this so I might have plenty of time to think about all possible angles. I found it hard to focus because Using It Up is a topic that is RICH. I realized I could write a whole new article about using up dyes. Perhaps that will be squeezed onto the list soon. The next article I'll be writing is about greens which I am calling One Man's Poison. I'm going to explore some new green ideas. BTW One part bottle green and one part moss green make a lovely combo.

About a month ago I attended a delightful hook-in in Owen Sound where they served us a perfect lunch. As many desserts and entrees !
Here are a few photos of what I saw. More to come.

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  1. It's wonderful to look at your pictures Wanda. Rug Hookers are rich in wools, dyes and plenty of SMILES! Thanks, Jo