Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Scrappy Talk

I recently bought a magazine, La Vie Claire.
It is a beautiful magazine.
It often contains quotes, this one is from Henri Matisse.

" It is not quantity that counts with colours but choice and organization."

Nothing could be truer. For me though I want a good quantity of colours to pick and organize from also.
Someone said creativity is a series of decisions and I feel that way about using scraps.

Honing in on what you have that will work , choosing what will go where, how to expand the parameters of what colour should do. It is all the stuff of wonder and the pleasure you get from using stuff up is an added bonus.

In the last week I've done a ton of dyeing and so much so I couldn't set time apart to write about it.
I frankly can't even remember what I dyed colour wise but do know it was several bolts and boxes and skeins full.

And my shelves look their glorious fat and fulsome selves again.

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