Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rice Cooker

It's the time of year when yard sales abound.

This morning I was lucky and found a rice cooker, and two crock pots.
The rice cooker makes a great place to dye wool and I've got a batch of nylons in it right now. It has a steamer rack for vegetables and I think it might be a good place to steam my saran rolls
To make a saran wrap roll:
Lay down microwaveable saran type wrap.
Lay wet wool on it.
Paint dye with acid on it.
Roll plastic Wrap up, shove it in a glass measuring cup
Microwave until water clears.

What will happen to the colours if they are steamed ?

Looking to the future, I can hardly wait to try what might be done with the panini grills everyone is getting right now, guess I can dream as I wait for those to start showing up at the sales.

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