Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Marbelizing in the Crockpot

Just back from the Wonderful Manistee Rug School in Michigan last week. This group really goes all out in the hospitality dept.
And there are very enthusiastic hookers as well, this is one of the few camps I go to and I do because they are so wonderful.

As usual I am bringing home bits of wet wool from dyeing demos.
I had dyed a marbelized piece but I had to use hand soap from the washroom.
I was a little forgetful and so were the results.

SO ... when I got home I decided to try dyeing a piece of the Pendleton wool I bought there that had an unusual texture.. a light gray one.

When I demo marbelizing I call it a sandwich with the meat always being chicken and the bread always pumpernickel.
I didn't get too much action from the bread pieces due to lack of proper soap.

The pendleton was the meat.
I reused the "bread" from the other demo.
When I rolled up the twist I placed in the crockpot in a snail like curl.
As usual the results of this crock pot marbelizing are DRAMATIC.

I think it's beacuse the heat is coming from all over and it just heats the colours into one another there is less water also, perhaps that helps.
Who knows ? But the result ..... it's terrific.