Friday, January 11, 2008

Recent Book Purchases

Happy New Year All !
This is a time for me to learn something new ! I especially like to explore other people's creative endeavours.
I found some good books about creativity.
The first one I found in Colonial Williamsburg.
401 Design Meditations by Catherine Fishel

It's been very important throughout my career that I've met all the guys i've copied, because at each stage they've said ,"Don't play like me , play like you."

Eric Clapton musician

This one I found in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Kaleidoscope ideas + projects to Spark Your Creativity by Suzanne Simanaitis
This is visually stimulating book. It is a compilation of lively artists and their thoughts and their suggestiond for you on the subject of creativity. It really is a kaleidoscope.

The third one I ordered from amazon.

Living The Creative Life - Ideas and Inspiration from Working Artists by Rice Freeman Zachery
This book explores real lives of artists in the trenches , so to speak. I'm not meaning the suffering artist type stuff but real, practical comments from people who are "doing it '

Try doing something creative this weekend.
Do something that makes you filled with joy.

I'm going to.

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