Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Making a stack !

I used a variety of textures that ran from dark to light in the same colour family. It is hard to tell the value of textures sometimes but I choose my dyes carefully to influence my choices. I dyed them laying the dark wool on the bottom and working through the values to the light. This way I can have a variety of values to work with that relate.
You Need:
flat pan long enough to lay your wool almost flat (wrinkles are GOOD !)
6 Dyes of your choice, one each for each layer
6 pieces of wet wool 1/16th yd. each

Lay the darkest piece of wool, Value 6, in your pan.
Prepare 1/32 tsp. ProChem Mint 723 in 1/2 cup of very hot water with a sprinkle of citric acid.
Pour this dye over layer one. Try to spread it around fairly evenly.
Place the next wool layer ( Value 5 ) straight onto the first one.
Prepare 1/32 tsp. ProChem Herb Green 709 as directed above and pour over this layer.
Continue laying on the values of wool and the dyes:
Value 4 is dyed with 1/32 tsp. ProChem Evergreen 729
Value 3 is dyed with 1/32 tsp. ProChem Shamrock 735
Value 2 is dyed with 1/32 tsp. ProChem Grasshopper 719
Value 1 is dyed with 1/32 tsp. ProChem Key Lime 724

Place in oven uncovered at 350˚F until the water clears.
Don’t forget to use really hot water while mixing the dyes, it makes the dye take up quickly.
I encourage you to try this any way you want to over any wool and dyes you have.
Try using different colours of dye and the same colour of wool.

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