Tuesday, November 6, 2007


What is a wip you might ask ? Well, we all have them- those are works in progress.
Right now I have a few but I'm on a quest to make a rug a month this year and this is providing a good opportunity to get them done.

If you gather up too many wips it will make you a hooking wimp. You feel heavy as lead under the weight of all those good intentions and undone tasks.
Or you're stuck because you want to finish a rug before starting another but you don't like the rug you're working on ....... well that will make you a wimp too, it is a fine line to tread.

I like to have a few wips, one not so hard and one a little more difficult. No matter my mood I can hook !
Then I have Ghosts of Hooking Past wips.... they are okay, good for travelling, I feel no compunction to finish them. No stress.
They are from another time and place in my life, nice to visit sometimes.

Here is a picture of my Rug October... my latest unfortunate Wip. (wanted it to be done by now !)
It is a journal rug in a Geometric Style, a challenge from the Welcome Mat.
I hope by setting a goal to post it each week here on the blog it will help me finish it up.

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