Thursday, November 15, 2007

Loops- How wide ?

I'm a big believer in using wide strips. I think it lets the beautiful wool we use be shown to the best advantage. Seeing more of the wool in the loop lets it do more work for us too. It can help add a dimension to what we hook that almost happens accidentally but is so beautiful. The more we "add" in our rugs the richer they will be to behold.

To decide what cut to use I usually look at the spaces to be filled. What's the narrowest area ? Are there a lot of narrow spaces or are there mostly bigger spaces ?

If I have mostly larger spaces I might decide to use a finer cut on those narrow spaces.

Or if I have a lot of narrow areas I see what cut strip fills them up fully and use that.

I encourage everyone to use the cut that works best for them but keep in mind there might be another way.

Here is Magnolia.
Using #6 cut and an assembled swatch.

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