Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Golden Goose and Dyeing with Ice and Snow Online Class

Yellow really can be like a ray of sunshine to lift our spirits. Do you use or wear yellow much? Does it appear in your spinning or hooking?

I love to have a big stack about 2 ft tall or more of 1/2 yds of different yellows to choose from.
We like to look through and audition them for just the right one to play the required role and not steal the show!

Perhaps you don't dye? Then you can still benefit from a splendid array of yellows, take a  look at my collection - The Lemon Grove... good enough to eat!

Over 1 yard of assorted yellows!

Here's a golden goose from The Welcome Mat's Dyeing Matters column for you to try.
I've just posted over 12 recipes for other beautiful yellow there today, Wednesday is our dyeing day!

Our sample below is dyed over 1/8th yd of natural wool. I wet the wool. I dissolved the Majic Carpet dyes together in boiling water, poured them into the barely heated dye bath, added the wool raised the heat, pushed the wool through the water vigorously and waited until the water almost cleared to add 1/32 tsp citric acid or 1 tbsp vinegar. Wait until water clears or as long as you see fit.

Rinse well.
Please use my Yellow dye in a no acid dye bath for the best result, adding too much acid or any until the water is almost clear can retard the dye take up. Not all acid dyes require the same level of acidity.

Golden Goose

1/32 tsp Yellow

1/128th tsp. Seal Brown
Online class starting in 8 days!!!!
From The Land of Ice and Snow!
Did you read my article in RHM lately?
You too could make this beautiful wool.

Are you interested in trying something new and fun in an online class, join The WandaWay Studio , it's free and sign up for a great lesson on Dyeing with Ice and Snow, there is plenty to discover! Wool turns out beautiful and unique each time. Class costs only $25 for 2 months access.

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