Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Poppy Passion - An Online Class

This is a closeup of one of my poppies from my "and the day came" rug

Our online class for Summer 2014 is Poppy Passion. I'd love to have you join.
We will be creating the most magical of flowers with artistic and creative flair!
I'll be supplying you with a beautiful pattern, including close up and distant poppies, a patch among a wild garden. You can enlarge as you wish or interpret as you like. You will use your own wool. Or I can supply it as needed. There will be dyeing recipes and new twists on common methods included as part of this class.

3 excellent lessons on painting with our wool strips, being artistic with colour, handling tough aspects of flowers and greenery including contrast and creating liveliness using a spectrum of colour to shade your glories with good teaching, back up and plenty of direct student/teacher interaction + the pattern PDF

Find out how to make your poppies more than red blobs with black centres. Have some seedy fun! It's going to be imaginative exploration on what colour can do for us in the garden!

Class starts July 1, lessons will be presented on set dates but you show up when you like. Class is open for 3 months.

Spend the summer with poppy passion and me and the whole year with the rest of The Welcome Mat family!!
What are you waiting for? It's time to start blooming hookers! I'm looking forward to seeing the amazing projects you create.
Online class cost $75 US
Join the Welcome Mat to participate! ( an additional $30 fee will apply to become a member)

Go here to join class if you are a Mat member.
Go here to join The Welcome Mat to sign up for our class.


  1. Wondering, does one need to join thewelcomemat to participate in this class?

  2. Yes you do, we would be delighted to have you join us! The pattern is worth that fee not to mention the vast archive of videos and dyeing and hooking info on The Mat.
    I hope you come along for this great class, the pattern is beautiful and the lessons on colour use will revolutionize your hooking, making what you do unique to you.