Monday, April 7, 2014

JJ You old bastard! You thought you had me beat

 It is April and I've just solved a problem in my January Journal Rug that I wasn't willing to move to solve. It meant I had to dye and frankly I didn't feel like it or only had time to dye for work related things. You can just see my stall spot at the right at the bottom of this photo. Under the word smother as a matter of fact and Freudianly the word in the under leaflet is cover. LOL

I loved my rug drawing and I let one leaf of my fern hang under the next but did not plan out how to handle this colourwise.


I know better but I don't always do better.
I tried many pieces of wool I had on hand. ( I can see you nodding yes, having been here and bought the T shirt yourself) None did the work of being under, low, down, below, receded or hidden
Complicating matters was the need for lettering to show up.

I don't know if I've ever told you how I love to dye materials I have already used in a rug for another rug. I  also adore to overdye wool from a rug for another part of a rug and that's what I did this time.
I was bored by the lack of layering the In a Word rug had.

I left some of the wool aside to have some original colours so I could mediate my way between old and new and spent a happy hour pepping up, blueing, orangeing, turquoising, yellowfying all manner of greens and I also Red Violetted some other pieces for a happy surprise.
 Very exciting and fun for me.
And now my problem is solved and I'm on a delightful schedule of a leaflet a night.

Also great doings were over dyed for some scintillating background hussahs and hoorahs.

I hope your hooking is vivifying and contenting your heart and not nagging you like a bastard.