Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Excitement Stirs for Hooking

So let's say you already hook with everything but wool flannel, how can the "I'll hook with anything challenge work for you?"

It seems the undercurrent of this "I'll hook with anything challenge " is walk on your wild side.
So for those of you who never or rarely use wool flannel your challenge will be to do so.

It's not so bad! Look at how pretty it can be!
It is a season for exploration, bug bites and campfires.
The wide world of outdoors. See what kind of spirit from this season you can lay down in that project!
Everyone joining in is revved up and excited to get going.

I love thinking of the Go Your Own Way  pattern being turned upside down or on it's end or even cut on thirds, scrambled and reformed. So many things to do with one idea!

I love hooking outside the lines and just plain hooking outside in the good old steam bath air of Wiarton, in the shade of course, with a tall ice filled soda tinkling away beside me and the company of a few good women and men.
I hope you are getting some hooking in!

I just started a little quickie hooking to be published in RHM using wandering wool.
It's owly and spirited. I was inspired by a early grecian owls that looks remarkably woodland artist like. 

The house of invention has many rooms to visit by all cultures but they all visit the same house!
Spirit Owl will soon be the Welcome Mat free pattern of the month.
Nothing like a little pressure!
Oh it feels good to be squeezed in a certain direction, just like a good pair of spanks.

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