Saturday, April 20, 2013

The finishing touches / Circle of Life/ Hooking Hellaciously

When you are getting dressed there is always a little something you do to finish off or polish your look. I like scarves and fairly strange necklaces and recently after a long hiatus, I've begun to wear earrings once again.
I thought I had an allergy to metal but with a rest of 6 or 7 years it appears I've healed myself. So I'm happily back amassing earrings. The latest ones favour this silver smith, Louise Jarvis of Owen Sound. I find her at the Farmer's Market on Saturday Mornings.

I have a strong belief that topics go around and make the rounds.

INCOMING HINT: Ideas are like that too, for goodness sake if you get one act on it as soon as possible before someone else seizes your day. Ideas want a home and if you put them off they will go next door or beyond to roost.

And now back to earrings and how they are topical.
Today on Art for Housewives she talked at great length on earrings and of course all the very fine ladies of Advanced Style are polished off with wonderful arrays and styles of ear jewels. It is a joy just to see them.

It was required if you were anyone of worth to have more than one hole in your lobe during high school.
And now there is a whole chart of possibilities:

With names no less.
 Types of earring: 1) Helix/Cartilage, 2) Industrial, 3) Rook, 4) Daith, 5) Tragus, 6) Snug, 7) Conch, 
8) Anti-Tragus, 9) Lobe

So much to do with a circle and a hole!!

Speaking of circles and holes, here is my Circle of Life January Journal 2013 rug, my WIP that will not RIP

I hope you are finding time to both array your self splendidly and hook hellaciously. There is time enough for dull when we are dead!