Monday, February 25, 2013

Sharing New Skills Monday from The Welcome Mat - LBDD

I'm really listening to the words hookers use when they describe colour.
It really makes a big difference, like a police sketch artist as you are telling me what you see, I'm visualizing the bushy eye brows and jug ears of our suspect.
Many times we are using a way of talking that mixes the "drawing"  up.
For instance the description and grouping together the idea of light and bright or the idea of dull and dark.
They are not the same.
Light and dark describe the position of the colour's value.
Dull and bright describe the position of the colour saturation, how much colour is in it?
It is possible and occurs all the time to have a colour that is light and dull or light and bright, light can own either of these saturation descriptions.
Light and bright are descriptions that are not interchangeable.
It is possible and occurs all the time that a dark colour can be dull or bright.
Dark and dull are not interchangeable but describe two distinct facets of colour.
Sometimes a colour is neither bright nor dull but somewhere right between. This colour is at 50% saturation.
Sometimes a colour is neither light nor dark but falls somewhere right between. This is a medium value.
Using close to the same colour as I could get with my old computer colour tool I show you what I mean, and a value scale:

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