Thursday, July 19, 2012

Making memories I can hold onto

If you are like me, things are happening faster and faster and I'm remembering less and less.
Time proceeds.
 To stop time I'm creating a journal of this summer.
Starting June 28th I started compiling things and THOUGHTS ( my dog I do have them!)
Usually I do this in wool, this time I'm booking it.

Here is the page from my delightful and heartwarming visit from Diane Cox, an extraordinary hooker, from Penzance.
Blessings abounded. 
Then I set off for Asheville.
This will continue to be an eventful summer I believe,  Thea only has a few days remaining until her due date. Mary meanwhile has applied a home bikini wax.
Both look great!
Make or hold onto to some memories if you can. It's a tricky age!

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