Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spinning for Summer Sweater

Yup, I think summer is coming! And I am not going to go all Johnny Cash  this year. I'm gonna at least cover up the black and white with some colour!

Mary sais, Mudder you is nots a newspaper.
 I spun these out of this eclectic collection of locks and fiber and big bags of this and that semi rovings I dyed one day. Doneal, who I listen to completely, suggested I spin them together.
I did not comb or card. I just picked it up as it came changing colours as I pleased. Then I plyed with royal blue cotton I had for ..... ahem...... thirty years.
I love the way it looks and can't wait to swan around in it!
Off now to draft a pants pattern. Hope YOU are doing something for yourself today! Get off your computer...ok? Life is waiting for you.


  1. A pants pattern? You mean you're going to knit yourself a pair of pants? do tell.

  2. Allyson,
    I'm drafting a pants pattern for sewing. Nobody want to see this in handknit pants.
    I used to be a clothing designer! I'm back at it for my own pleasure only this time!