Sunday, February 26, 2012

We'll be right back after this brief test of the Emergency Network

There is just no time to write. Got three classes running online at once and my heart making took all spare minutes.
So instead I'll show you a thing or two.

Mary had her "kittens"

This is her birth announcement.
Yea, hai Sea, and Nessas I'se beat you and heres is my babis, see dau quilts I makes dem too.
Des sleeps a liots.
All days and nights too. Very goods de ares. Presents is welcomes.
Ok byes
Ps des names is Winkings, Dinnys and Donkos
signed Mistress Mary Ding Dong.

So Thea wrote back:
Hi Mary:

I hate to break it to you...but those "babies" are just made of felt. Did you ever notice that they don't cry very much or ask for milk? That's because you are mentally ill, and you invented fake babies so you could get attention. I think you need some pills, Mary.

By the way, where did you get that bird's nest, Mary? Did you kill some real mother's babies to get it for your fake babies? You are really sick.

-Thea, MA, MLIS

Mary said:
Sea, Whys you spoils me lifes?
I's is minding my babies and dey is filled with sheeps milks cos de b lergic to mines.
Why is you not fills with happiness sor your sister?

Oh dears pills, I cans surscribes dems and knows who can needs dem too, you got mirror? ....
Mistress Mary Ding Dong, MD, DMin, B.S. Psy D.

Nessa brought Mary's "Kittens" teddy bears:

Oh Hai- after the sheeps milks de kittehs is looking ver helvy yah?
Dat Sea.

This week's colour formulas on The Mat's Dyeing to Know column

Hearts came by the dozens for my birthday - great happiness came too
This one by Cynthia Young

My friend Claude finished her rug, well done for so many reasons Claude.
Colour Perfection.

Latest Most Interesting Rumours:
I'm not selling wool anymore, spinning has taken over my life, I'm not into hooking.
I'm going blind, I'm naked and quivering in my house, I'm divorced, rich, poor, toothless, had plastic surgery, moving to Argentina, fat, skinny, pregnant and a lesbian, you heard me right!
No wonder I'm so busy!!!
Take your pick and pass it along as quickly and as erroneously as you can.
Let's see what comes back.


  1. If you said you had run out of wood for the stove, I would have believed you. Dat Thea....she jealous! Eventually we may be one or most of all of the above...who are these psychic tale spinners any way? Love and friendship no matter what!

  2. Ok Now they wll say you are my partner.. LOL!
    Dat Sea... she plays her role well.