Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 18 - Stalking

All day I wonder what I'll make and inevitably time slips away from me. I'm dog sitting so I go out for Mo time. I went skiing today too and I had a big craving for french onion soup which I had to make.... before I knew it it was 9:30 pm. I find the idea of what to create doesn't come no matter how much I think about it. It takes me picking up something in my hand, in this case it was a rectangle sample I knit to see how much a yarn I had would shrink.

So tonight I knit a little stocking with it and then hooked a roving cuff right thru the stitches. It was fun.

As you might have read or can see with your own more experienced eyes ... I'm no knitter. I had just used a garter stitch to knit a rectangle earlier in the week, then tonight I picked up five stitches on the end on one side and knit a few more rows and hooked the wooly cuff.. tada!

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