Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yarn Dyeing

I love having hand dyed yarn on hand. Of course to hook or bind with but also to knit.
I look for yarn that is not white (meaning a lighter shade of natural) so if I want to felt it I can.
It has to be close to 100% wool though silk and wool blends and nylon and polymide are dyeable with our wool acid dyes.

Here is how I dye it.

I like to use the electric frying pan for this.

Make sure your wool is arranged in skein and is loosely tied in four points. Wet it.

Make three to six colours of dye in jars with acid/ vinegar added, use 1/2 cup of water each.
If you want something tame as pictured, use colours that are somewhat dull. I used slate blue, clay and weak mahogany.
You will be surprised how this type of wool is useful in hooking.
I also like to use exciting colours to dye with. Have some fun with your choices. Be aware it will be dulled down through the process of hooking and knitting which creates a speckling of the different colours and consequently individual colours amalgamate to create a whole.

Lay your wool in the frying pan, try to get it as much of it in contact with the bottom of the pan as you can. DO NOT ADD WATER.

Turn the heat on in your pan. I use the high setting.

Pour the first colour over the wool in a cross. Wait for this colour to mostly take up
Pour the next colour in a cross beside the first cross rotating to the right with each new colour.

Work in this pattern using all your colours one at a time.

Heat until all colour is gone from the dye bath.
Rinse by hand.
Roll in towel to remove excess water, hang to dry.

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