Thursday, February 21, 2008

Denise - a great colour !

I have a very wonderful friend who says there is just not enough brown and it made me excited to create something brown that is BEYOND brown, brown with merriment, surprise , a sense of humour and a touch of rebellious fun.

Over 1/4 yd. sage green and natural
Apply these dyes one at a time into the dye bath with the wool already in it. Add acid to the Seal Brown dye solution.
1/8th tsp. Majic Carpet Seal Brown
1/16th tsp. Aljo Aubergine
1/16th tsp. Prochem Orange 233

When the water clears you are done.


  1. this is the prettiest brown ever ... wasn't certain if you used formula over 1/2 yd total or 1/4 yd - so I just dyed both ways; this will be very useful in a landscape!!
    Thanks ... Linda S

  2. Over 1/4 yd. sage green and natural means one quarter yd of each fabric !

    Thanks for clarification opportunity !

    Great in animals too !!